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Right of Choice

Right of Choice is about more than the right to choose products; we are not just consumers.
Right of Choice is about more than the periodic choice of which party will govern us, it is about all aspects of the social contract being perpetually subject to negotiation.

Objective mechanisms which facilitate the development and expression of public opinion and its publication are essential to a true democracy.
A valid, credible and public expression of the public opinion is the true means to accountability of democratically elected governments to their electorates.

Things We Might Like to Change

With a meanungful, collective Right of Choice we might for example, give expression to collecive humanity in resisting such things as:

The Way of Empire

Classwar Films' Imperial Decay sets out the necessity.
It's up to us to apply our collective Right of Choice. There isn't much time.

Zionism is NOT Judaism

Orthodox Jews know just how ugly and insidious the Israeli occupation of Palestine is.
They exercised their collective Right of Choice on 19th June 2013 in their tens of thousands...

Burst Your Bubble

Learn something about just how ugly and insidious the Israeli occupation of Palestine is.

Be A Friction

The story of America and the true state of the world News you won't get fro Rupert Murdoch's Press.

Free The Five

The story of the Cuban Five gives the lie to the "War [of] Terror" in a spectacular exposure of hypocrisy even more brazen than John Kerry's pious assertions about the evils of chemical weapons (odiously waiving his knowledge of Vietnam, Agent Orange and Napalm).
You can discover a lot about who the real terrorists are at the Free the Five website or discover the obscene depths of US hypocrisy in the relentless pursuit of American Interests by a Google search on "Luis Posada Carriles". But you can get a glimpse right here by listening to Martin Sheen.
Effective exercise of Right of Choice depends on knowing the TRUTH.


Utopia: A nice place to visit, but would you want to live there?
Here in the UK, people often ask why I choose to live in the UK when I could live in Australia?
My reflex answer is always "Climate isn't everything".
Utopia: Unfortunately, as it stands, it largely depends on most Australians exercising their Right of Choice by choosing to be ignorant.

Joystick wars

Preparation for this kind of warfare starts with the pornographically violent computer games and Hollywood blockbusters that glorify war, dehumanise imperialism’s ‘enemies’ and prepare our young people to slaughter without mercy.
This was perfectly illustrated by Prince Harry’s revealing admission that he saw killing Afghans from his helicopter as being similar to playing video games. Indeed, the prince even went so far as to call it "a joy" to have his finger on the trigger, since he was "one of those people that loves playing PlayStation ... with my thumbs, I like to think that I’m quite useful". Full marks for honesty, if not for tact and diplomacy. But while it may be in the interest of Harry and his parasitic family to inflict collective punishment on peoples who are resisting imperialist aggression, it is not in the interest of most British workers, who have been sold a pack of lies about the ‘dangers’ that our Afghan (or Pakistani, Iraqi, Libyan, etc) brothers and sisters pose to ‘us’.
With thanks to Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB-ML) for this very poignant statement so highly relevant to our times.

Hearts and Minds

A testimony to the damage that the Psychopaths Who Own Wesytern Capitalism are doing to the US, to Western Civilisation and to the world at large.
It just is NOT about Freedom and Democracy and people need to grow up, face the facts and answer the hard questions such as "Why do they hate us?".
The man with the Kill List is a criminal, as were the men who initiated two illegal and immoral wars of aggression. The only way back, if there is one, is to come clean in the eyes of the world, look back at the reality of the crimes that have been committed and prosecute those responsible. Nothing less will suffice.


Is this Game Over?.

NO Tax NO War

The last resort measure to assert your Right of Choice could be to just not pay tax. Indeed, if by paying Tax you are in fact acting both illegaly and immoraly, then you are obliged, both illegaly and immoraly not to.

Our Generation

The vast majority of WHITE Australians would do well to open their eyes and recognised that the rising tide around their Right of Choice could be turned by coming to understand that they have more common cause with BLACK Australians than with their Government, their Foreigned Owned Media and their "friends" in the 'Coalition of the Killing'.

The Gift That Keeps on Killing

Gift to a nation that has long since abandoned Right of Choice as "too hard", "too complicated" and "too Right" (mate).

Serious Discussion

One topic that is perhaps more relevant to your Right of Choice than the "who's who" of the London Olympics is the cynical acts of violence and abuse of power proceeding in the world today with the very intentional purpose of depriving other people of their Right of Choice.

Meaningful Discussion

What's being discussed in Swiss Universities? There is a dramatic re-evaluation underway at the front line of collective human intelligence in places where the important things still matter. Where people can say "We must stop killing each other based on a story that we haven't even understood".

Connecting the Dots

The effective exercise of our Right of Choice depends on understanding the implications of our available options and their context. Acquiring that understanding often depends on being able to extrapolate conclusions drawn from other situations and contexts, to recognise associations and parallels with our own situation and context. There is a lot that (for example) Australians could learn from the general political situation in Pakistan and their association with the ally they share in common - the USA. It's all there in Julian Assange's interview with Imran Khan.

The Getting of Wisdom

With the coming of maturity, reflection and the emergence of a genuine capacity for moral reasoning we grow as human beings. As we grow, we exercise our Right of Choice differently. The greatest of war crimes are those of people in power who exploit the naiivety and gullibility of youth, inciting them to acts of violence and sometimes unspeakable crimes in the name of honour, glory and patriotism, which with the getting of wisdom, will be hard to bear in later life.

How Do Stupid People Get Power?

We have to ask this question. But neither the answer to it, nor the fact that it happens, explains the events that have transpired in the past decade. This is all better-explained in terms of the arms industry and the Orwellian scenario of fear and perpetual war as the means to maintain a socio-political order; stupid, of course, but not in the sense of clumsiness and inability to predict consequences, but rather, quite deliberate in that the shocking consequences serve the interests of those responsible.

Judaism is NOT Zionism

Young Jews are exercising their Right of Choice. Many of them want peace with Palestinians, an end to occupation and Freedom for Palestine and they are NOT anti-semites.

The crimes of Israel are not the crimes of Jews, they are the crimes of individuals in the name of Zionism.

Why Stephen Conroy Wants to Control the Internet

Here are some examples of things you might see on the internet that could influence how you use your Right of Choice in ways the government doesn't like. The Minister for Broadband wants power to monitor the web and exclude sites and pages like these from public access.



Mainstream Media Censorship

How You are Kept Ignorant

Provides a crystal clear insight to the way in which moneyed power controls what you see and what you don't, what you know and believe and what you don't. Through this means you are routinely duped into making decisions and choices that ultimately will result in the complete loss of your Right of Choice.

9/11 A Conspiracy Theory

Lampooning the Official Explanation

Provides a fast forward review of the details of an official version of the 9/11 event that has served as the basis for curtailing our civil libidies and drastically restricting our Right of Choice.

Architects and Engineers

Solving the Mystery of 9-11

Provides a compelling analysis of a key event that has placed all of our Right of Choice at risk, posing a threat to the free will of all human beings.

Dr. John McMurtry

Professor of Philosophy Emeritus
at the University of of Guelph, Ontario

Provides a concise statement of the reasons why your Right of Choice is at risk, not just as consumers, not just as participants in a democracy but as human beings with free will.

William Blum

Author ofRogue State and Killing Hope

Provides a clear understanding of why the US is not a virtuous defender of your Right of Choice.

Paul Craig Roberts

Economist and Writer

Provides clarification of how we are the targets of anti-terrorist legislation.